Investing in Justice

A building block for improving economic and community changes for Texans and their communities



Improving Justice For
Vulnerable Populations in Texas

Legal aid transforms the lives of Texans every day. Beyond the individual impact, legal aid is a critical building block for improving the communities we live in. Legal aid helps Texans living in poverty build a foundation of stability so they can create a better future for themselves, their families, and our communities.

Civil legal aid impacts Texas by:
  • Stabilizing families affected by poverty and violence
  • Rebuilding communities after natural disasters, like hurricanes and floods
  • Achieving economic benefits for individuals, veterans, and working families that deserve them
  • Empowering low-income workers to achieve fair treatment in the workplace
  • Ensuring families are able to remain in their home and in safe living conditions
  • Examining discriminatory practices for the marginalized
  • Educating underserved populations on legal rights and responsibilities
  • Identifying and developing legal solutions for communities
  • Guiding struggling youth on paths to become productive adults

  • Opportunity for private philanthropy
    Private philanthropy benefits tremendously from the actions of civil legal aid organizations, which share their work in alleviating poverty, securing income and family stability, ensuring health care, ending violence, and building stronger communities.
  • For more information:  download our brochure or contact the Texas Access to Justice Foundation at 512-320-0099.

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