As we all try to navigate the changes in our daily lives during the COVID-19 pandemic, these uncertain times are more challenging for low-income Texans struggling to make ends meet.

Legal aid is serving the emergency civil legal needs of Texans, like:

  • A newly unemployed wage-earner wrongly denied benefits
  • A mother trapped with a violen spouse as the family shelters at home
  • A family facing eviction and not sure where they are living next
  • An elderly person needing healthcare or end-of-life documents 

    We also expect an unfortunate rise of Texans that will be finding themselves in poverty for the first time. They will be seeking help that civil legal aid provides after losing their jobs, homes, access to health care or experiencing domestic violence.


    Traditional funding sources for legal aid in Texas are in jeopardy and a spike in the number of Texans eligible for services will mean the need will be even greater.

    Civil legal aid is a vital component of the public response to and recovery from the current public health crisis. Legal aid is a safety net that keeps our fellow Texans from going over the edge; without it, they might never recover even when the economy improves.

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    See our first-of-its-kind virtual musical fundraiser for the Emergency Legal Aid Fund, held May 20, 2020.

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